CONTINUE               THE               MISSION               OF               JESUS               IN               MINORITY               AND               SOLIDARITY
Marie is a French temporary professed fmm who has returned from Mexico after a year’s experience. She shares on her missionary experience.
The FMMs are present in the village of Tufunde with a population of 4000. It is in the arid, thorny, and dry Sahel. This is a very poor area with mainly herdsmen of sheep and goats….
On 8th July, the Church and our Institute celebrates the liturgical feast of St. Marie Hermine and her Companions, seven young FMM sisters, massacred in China, on 9th July 1900, in Taiyuan-fu.
June 29th, the Church invites us to honor both St. Peter and St. Paul. We cannot separate them. They are the two pillars of the Church and ensure its unity.
New Provincial Meeting
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