CALLED         TO            BE           CREDIBLE          WITNESSES         TO          THE          COMPASSION           AND        JOY          OF          THE           GOSPEL
Sr. Renata, from Bosnia, is living in Morocco since two years. She discovered this country, its religion, its culture, and witnesses by her presence in her service to Jesus Christ who is not only a Prophet but the Son of God. She shares her discoveries with us in a few lines.
Dear FMM Sisters, you will find in the Reserved Space News only for the Institute.
Bethlehem, ‘The house of bread’, has now become a place where too many children have no bread, no security, no love. The F.M.M. left a part of their house for them and are occupied with others to bring them a little comfort of which they are deprived. Sr. Marie, fmm, shares with us, in a few lines, her mission among the Friars of the Infant God of Bethlehem.
The Meeting of ALL Provincials starts today. WELCOME to all the participants.
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