CALLED         TO            BE           CREDIBLE          WITNESSES         TO          THE          COMPASSION           AND        JOY          OF          THE           GOSPEL
PENTECOST, gift of the Spirit, Spirit of eterny, Spirit of creation, Spirit of the Incarnation, Spirit at work yesterday, today and tomorrow, in the world, in the Church, in each and everyone, in me!
One of the orientations of the 2014 General Chapter was to better transmit the FMM Charism to the younger generation. To meet this, a three-month work session is being held in the Châtelets …
The feast of the Ascension - celebrated last Thursday or this Sunday - tells us that at the end of our personal journey, God invites us to the final communion with Him, in Jesus.
Dear FMM Sisters, you will find in the Reserved Space News only for the Institute.
General Chapter
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